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Parent/Professional Coaching
Parent/Professional Coaching

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Our services are designed to assist Families and Professionals nationwide. We specialize in providing solutions to everyday challenges for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delays and typically developing children. We focus on Parent/Professional Coaching and support when a child's challenging behaviors present throughout the day.  We will coach you through SECURE VIDEO CONFERENCING, EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE, or PHONE CONSULTATION to develop a perfect plan for you and your child.  Our newest service will teach Parents how to teach ABA in the home!  Let us begin with a FREE 30 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION!  

Our services are affordable at only $55.00 per hour, tailored to meet the Family‚Äôs/Professional's needs or "Quick Chats," for when you need assistance right away.  We also offer a variety of Visual Aids and we will be happy to customize them for your child.  When you decide on the services that fit your Family/Professional needs please contact us and we will begin our work together!

Autism Answers is focused on providing high-quality Parent/Professionals Coaching.  We will work together to bring Harmony to the home or school setting.  Our services can only be successful when Parents/Professionals follow through with our recommendations.

Our Monthly Customized Flat-Rate Program @ 4 hours of services = $220.00
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Sign on with us for three months and receive a $150.00 credit!  

Customize Packages available to meet your budget:
  • Customized Program at less than 4 hours each Month: a credit will be issued for less time required.
  • Customized Program at more than 4 hours each Month: at a hourly charge of $55.00 for each hour required.

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Phone Consultations
Email Consultations
Secure Video Conferencing

Speak to one of our qualified parent coaches about your child's behavior concerns.  We will provide you with the strategies and feedback you need to be successful. HIPPA Compliant!

Tell us about your child's behavior concerns in a secure and confidential email.  We will provide timely answers that address your concerns and needs.

             Video Recordings

Provide us with a video recording of your child's behaviors. We will develop a parent-friendly plan complete with feedback and support materials. Contact us for video recording details.